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I am Nandhini GS, founder & CEO of “The Info Epitome.” I am a digital marketer turned biz owner. After meeting with like minded hustlers & startups, I made a decision to help self made CEO’s to get ultimate brand recognition. The pandemic paved way for me to pursue my dreams. That’s when I launched “The Info Epitome” as one stop branding & digital marketing solution. And I have made differences to my clients businesses by giving them the best client experience. I love to hear their stories, the pride I feel in their tone & their passion for their dreams. And I always make sure they get the best, because I know they deserve the best. They choose to pay me premium charges, because they know I can set in the right vibes for their business.

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Website design

If you want an online presence to your brand, remember website is your virtual company. And COVID has given rise to online businesses. Get started with your online store, agency website or freelancer portfolio with our best designing.


Never underestimate the power of branding. With proper branding you gain trust of your clients, they refer you to others, they are ready to pay you premium charges.

Digital marketing

Marketing is the key to all our business success & digital marketing has the power to get our business to all corners of the world. But the catch here is, don’t go for all social platforms, always know your target platform. So we strategically pave your way to digital marketing conquering journey.


We have made significant differences to our client’s business through our strategic & aesthetically pleasing branding makeover.

Client Love

What our clients say?

I was looking for an experienced branding agency for my coaching business & I am glad I stumbled on "The Info Epitome". Nandhini listened to me with eagerness & gave me best results that was beyond my expectations. And I am sure to work with them for my upcoming launches & I highly recommend them for branding & website designing services.
Renee Margeret
Image coach
It was best experience working with "The Info Epitome". I think this is the best decision ever because I could get best overall branding package at one place that absolutely goes with my vibes. They are efficient & a bold brand & I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for branding, collateral & website designing.
Anamika Chaudhry
Founder of Anamika Jewellers


How to build brand awareness & trust?

Brand trust makes up more than just trust that the brand’s product will be a good one. It also encompasses the entire experience that customers have with the brand, from buying to using the product.

When consumers trust a brand, there are three main factors that are important for them to build confidence and trust in the brand.

The first of these is being open and honest. The second is being inclusive and respectful, and the third is caring for customers and being able to identify with them.

You might have heard this word “Personal brand” frequently without realizing its importance. Today I am going to walk you through what personal brand is all about why you need a personal brand? And how to build yourself as a personal brand this 2021?

Personal branding is how you showcase your uniqueness, your expertise, your character and stand as an authority in your particular field. Every individual has a unique style, taste and talent and we stand for different core values and beliefs. For example, some people like to be trendy while others may like to be classy, sassy or traditional.

You may be an idealist, optimist, narcissist, feminist, materialist, atheist or anything. Beliefs, opinions and ideas vary from person to person. You may be an entrepreneur, a freelancer, a home maker, an influencer, a student or a dreamer. Your uniqueness is what differentiates you from the rest and this is how you stand out as a personal brand.

One of the most common mistakes marketers make when promoting their products/services on social media is being too “salesy”.

The big secret to any technique in attraction marketing is that they will buy and they will join for THEIR reasons (not yours).
You’re not trying to sell people!
You’re not trying to force, coerce, or pressure people into doing something.
Sure, you can use pressure to get the sale, but in the long term, that’s going to backfire.

Okay, so before the actual process, there are two things you must do prior to putting together your message:
1. Know about your audience.
2. You need to understand what makes people to buy.

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