10 inspirational movies that will change your life

               Hi guys, today I am going to share with you a list of inspirational movies I watched. I have selected it from different languages. Hope this will be useful to you. Here we go…

1.The pursuit of happiness :

                        This is undeniably one of the the most inspirational movies as it is a biography of a famous American businessman, Chris Gardener. In this movie Will Smith plays Chris Gardner and his son Jaden Smith plays Chris junior. Will Smith struggles selling his invested product which is not sufficient in running his family. His wife leaves him and he goes broke and he is left in the streets with his son. They take shelter in public washrooms and homeless shelter. He somehow gets unpaid internship which after his utmost sufferings help him land on a brokerage job. The movie sure moves the audience to tears.

2.Anbe Sivam:

                    This is a Tamil movie, staring Kamal Haasan(Nallasivam) and Madhavan(Anbarasu). Appropriate to its title the movie talks about love on the whole. The movie tells that love is God and man who has merciful heart is God. In this movie Anbarasu and Nallasivam can’t take flight to Chennai due to flood in Bhubaneswar. Anbarasu is selfish and rich while nalla is deformed social worker. Nalla tries to help Anbu as he knows Anbu doesn’t have much worldly knowledge and could become prey for bad people. But anbu avoids him as he doesn’t like his philosophical speeches. Somehow they see a train accident which changes Anbu’s stance. His mercy is aroused and he could see the struggles of others. This story has social messages too. 


                 Though this movie was an instant hit, still it captivated mass audience after the demise of the actor Sushant Singh Rajput who played lead role in the film. This movie is a must watch for the student of current generation who can’t handle failure. In this movie a teenager attempts suicide as he couldn’t pass his IIT entrance exam. He goes to coma and his unwillingness to live deteriorates his condition. In order to bring hope to his son, Anirudh Pathak narrates him his college memories which contain life lessons. Even his friends reunite in hospital to save their friend’s son. The college memories will sure make us relive our past.

4.Ustad Hotel:

             Ustad Hotel is a Malayalam language movie staring Dulqar Salmaan who plays Faisal, the protagonist of the story. Faisal aspires to become chef and studies for it against his father’s wish which infuriates him to disown his son and snatch away his passport. Disappointed Faisal visits his grandfather in Calicut. There he works in his grandfather’s small hotel named Ustad Hotel. He gets a job in a five star hotel near ustad hotel and he finds that they are plotting to get ustad hotels land. he renovates Ustad Hotel to his grandfather’s delight. But he gets a  job offer from France and his grandfather has heart attack. His grandfather in his critical condition asks him to visit his friend Narayanan Krishnan in Madurai. Narayanan Krishnan is a social worker who makes food for Poor and homeless. This incident changes Faisal about the reason to make food. He returns to Calicut and runs Ustad Hotel with true spirit. This movie tells us the importance of food and how it must be handled in service mind than business.

5.Yevade Subramaniam:

                 This Telugu movie staring Nani, Vijay Devarkonda and Mallika Nair is a search for true  identity. Subramani(Nani) and Rishi(Devarkonda) are best friends with different personalities. Mani is very selfish and ambitious while Rishi is adventurous. They meet after several years and Rishi persuades him to make a trip to Dhoodh Kasi with him. Mani doesn’t agree. They meet a girl named Anandi and they become friends. Rishi dies in an accident and Anandi persuades Mani to come with her to Dhoodh Kasi to scatter Rishi’s ash in the lake. He doesn’t agree and Anandi tell him that she would sign an agreement which would favor his business. For business benefit Mani undertakes the trip but this trip changes his whole life. He becomes a selfless man and starts living a valuable life. This will make us remember a Hindi movie named Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. If you like you could watch both the movies as they are incredible.


              In this movie the protagonist Rani(Kangana Ranaut) falls into depression after her boyfriend calls off the marriage. But she goes alone to the honeymoon to Paris. Bought up as a sheltered traditional Indian girl she stumbles with the outside world. Soon she gets friends and the new experience makes her realise her self worth. First she is reserved with her male roommates but later she strikes friendship with them and explores what true friendship is. Her boyfriend realising his mistake returns in the end but she denies him. She becomes a matured woman. One failure has taught her so much.


                  This is a bollywood movie, staring Sonam Kapoor. This is a real life story based on the Pam Am Flight73 hijack in Karachi, Pakistan on 5 September 1986. The movie centre’s on the flight attendant Neerja who using  her bravery saves 3 pilots and most of the passengers in the plane, sacrificing her own life. The movie also talks about her unsuccessful marriage life and her modelling career. This movie shows the bravery and brilliance of a woman who deserves respect and honor. In real time after the self sacrifice of Neerja she was honored with Ashoka Chakra, highest military award for bravery and self sacrifice.

8. 36 vayathinile:

               This movie is a remake of the Malayalam movie “How old are you”. This movie revolves around Vasanthi(Jothika), lead actor who questions the age bias in Indian society. Vasanthi couldn’t accompany her daughter and husband to Ireland as she couldn’t land on a job in Ireland due to her age restrictions. But she breaks these age myths when she starts her own catering business. She also influences others to grow organic terrace farming. She gets praised by the president for her valuable work and her family too realize her worth. This movie also resembles a movie named “English Vinglish” which also deals with age barrier topic. 

9. 3 idiots:

            This movie is based on the book “five point someone” by Chetan Bhagat. This movie is also remade in Tamil as Nanban. The film questions the current educational system and the adverse affect it has upon students. The student’s inability to choose the career they love and bias on a particular career is shown in this film. The theme of friendship is portrayed beautifully. On the whole the movie is exceptional.

10. Iruthi sutru:

                   This is a sports based movie. Though there are so much sports based movies like “Chak de india”, “Kanaa”, “Dangal” etc… Iruthi sutru is my personal favorite. Madhavan plays the lead as a boxing coach and Rithvika Singh is a woman who has so much potential but little desires to achieve anything. Coach tries to make her ambitious and make her win.

         So guys this is my list and I would be glad if you share with me the inspirational movies you might have watched and leave it in the comments section…

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