Benefits of minimalist lifestyle

“Identify the essential, 

eliminate the rest.”

                             -Leo Babauta.

What is minimalism?

                 Minimalism is a way of living simple and clutter free life. It is eliminating things which are not essential. Minimalism lifestyle enables you to be more free and less stressful. It will make you realise what is important and what had been consuming you so far.

               But minimalism life style is not easy to adopt. We are so used to our lavish lifestyle that it’s not easy to give up the comforts it offers. Most of the objects we own are for the the interest of the people around us. They showcase our financial achievement. That’s why we are trying to live to the the expectations of the society but minimalist lifestyle will enable you to see what is best for you.

“It is preoccupation with possession, more than anything else, that prevents men from living freely and nobly. “

                             -Bertrand Russell. 

     I am going to tell you ways in adopting  to minimimalist lifestyle. Here we go..  

Don’t  buy more than you need:

                   Every time we go shopping we end up buying things which are not important. We fall prey for marketing techniques or we end up buying it as one of friends possess it. everybody’s need are different according to their lifestyle, profession and interest. So keep this in mind  before purchasing anything. This will help you save your money from buying unnecessary products. Don’t overload things thinking it might come Handy someday because it might get spoilt or expired.

“Minimalism is asking why before you buy”

                                          -Francis vay

Expired products:

                      Only when we buy a product are we concerned about it’s expiry date, after that those products would be lying around our house oblivious to it’s becoming expired or not. So it is is very important to declutter expired products. It may be easier disposing beauty products or medicines but what about clothes,furnitures and stuffs that we should determine its expiry period. Look at the years it has lasted and the present condition of it and come to a conclusion whether to throw it or not.

Sell out:

            Every household will have stuffs that would be useless and just consuming the space. You could sell out such things to make your home spacious. Furnitures, electronics  and vehicles could be resold these days.


           Our mind is totally tuned to being selfish that we may waste a thing lying in our house than giving it to help someone. There would be clothes that you would  have rarely used,  which could help someone. Books or other stuffs which could very well be given to those in need. 

Declutter your mobile:

             Your phone would be loaded with unwanted apps, mails and messages. Find time to delete it. Know how much time you spend on social media and analyze if it is  worth it. Know which people you are following and if it is beneficial. Calculate if you are wisely spending your mobile data. Think wisely before you spend money on subscription apps. Because minimalism also means saving time and using it for productivity.

Hope this minimalism topic made you think…

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