Child safety- Rip Surjith Wilson.

      Surjith Wilson case has shaken whole of India. Children are our treasure. There is nothing more important than safeguarding them. Though it is not the first case of a child falling into bore well, still Surjith case has become a eye opener. We are boasting about technological development but we couldn’t even save a child today. I know there were so much risk involved in it, particularly the rock which was challenging. Let us hope atleast now government finds a technology to rescue children from falling into bore well. If the bore well was properly closed, the child wouldn’t have fallen into it in first place. I believe this situation will bring awareness among the population to close bore well, pits, drainage and water tanks. But we must also realize that parents must watch children close enough until they can take care of themselves. Children can’t difference between right and wrong. Not only am I talking about Surjith case but also cases regarding sexual abuse to children, kidnapping etc. Educate children about safety. Tell them to be aware of strangers. As parents we have responsibility to safeguard them, we can’t go around complaining the government for everything. If government doesn’t give proper heed in closing of any drainage, you itself close those drains responsibly because loss of child impacts you more than anyone. If you are a house wife or a working women, remember to put your child’s safety first. If you are going to leave your children in others hands, think if they will be responsible enough to take care of your children. Children are more important than money, you can very well go to work after your child gets into schooling. Let us pray and see to that Surjith is the last child to suffer such fate. Rest in peace Surjith.

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