Couture DHB

Fashion and trends distinguish our society. From hairstyles to wardrobe, everybody loves to be in trend. Fashion designers are challenged with day to day changing trends. Their innovative nature and ability to design for etiquette clients make them challenging entrepreneurs. Amidst this competitive society, a friend of mine, Deepa Hema Bharathi has started her boutique named Couture DHB.

She has completed her graduation in fashion designing from Sri Krishna, Arts and Science college. She was working as a freelance designer before that.

She has a natural flair for drawing, which is the greatest advantage in designing world. She self-designed her reception Gown which looked spectacular.

She has also designed my sister’s marriage gown. Her boutique offers tailoring,  designing, fabrics, and embroidery. Her work is remarkable with innovative sketches and attention to detail and finish. I would like you to check out her boutique if you are interested in her service.

Contact info:
Mobile no:9092529924
Instagram account: couture dhb

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