Girl boss habits to transform your life

                      Hi guys! Wondering how to become a girl boss. To become a girl boss, we must know the habits of a girl boss. So who is a girl boss? Girl boss is a female entrepreneur who carries herself with an air of confidence and authority. She knows her business and what she is cut out for. Lady bosses are not born but made with time. 

                      She has been molded out from failures and criticism. But she is not a woman who had given up during crisis. She had made plans and strategies and followed it with utmost duty consciousness. She doesn’t give heed to other people’s insults and remarks. 

                       So have you decided to become your own girl boss. You must follow some habits which will make you a girl boss in no time. 

Don’t heed to criticism:

                         If you rise or fall, people will judge you and remark over it. The first stumbling block any person faces in her career is crude remarks from others. They may remark on your age factor, your past failures, about your potential or about your drawbacks. But know that if you are going to give in to their remarks, you will only end up doubting yourself and quit your mission then and there. So know that lady bosses don’t care about others criticism. 

Self confidence:

                         Though everyone has potential, only few people have self confidence. Many people think they may not be good at what they are doing. They have low self esteem about themselves. Know that you are worthy. If you feel you need more experience, learn the skills and do some homework on it. If you don’t believe yourself, nobody is going to believe you. 

Plan strategies:

                        Planning your goals in an orderly manner will help you to reach the goals. But you must adopt new strategies to be successful. You only will learn from trial and error method. As a entrepreneur you must apply plans and strategies for your business to grow. 

Don’t procrastinate:

                      To be successful you need to be ahead of everyone. If you are going to delay your works, the results are going to suck. Nobody will believe a procrastinator. Your clients are going to run to owners who are going to maintain good time management. Girl bosses maintain punctuality. They have good time management skills. 

Display an air of authority:

                      If you are going to look clumsy or vague, nobody is going to give second glance at you. If you are running a business, you must look legitimate, you must know your work. Carry yourself with confidence and authority. If you are a new entrepreneur you may feel uncertain, but outwardly try to put a bold demeanor. If you start to act professional, you will end becoming one. 

Have your credentials:

                      If you are a entrepreneur, blogger or freelancer, have your credentials. That will make you look authentic. Have a media kit with your brand logos and product descriptions in it. Have a professional LinkedIn profile, which will enable you to have more customers. Have a professional logo for your brand, that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Active on social media:

                        You must be active on social media platforms like facebook, pinterest, instagram and twitter. If you have good number of followers and if you are promoting your brands on these social platforms, your brand will become easily recognisable and there will be more clients for you. 

Good communication skills:

                        Even if you are an introvert, good communication skills will land you clients. You must be persuasive and pleasant in your manner to build reputation.   Don’t be haughty and dominating, nobody will like that attitude. Try to be bold and pleasant.

Have a worktable:

                          If you have a company then no problem but if you are a online business person, you surely need a worktable to get you motivated and planned. Read my post on  How to organize your home work table. This will help in creating your home work table and importance of having it. 

Have your tools:

                         If you are working online, you need some tools which will come handy. 

  • Planner:

Have a notebook or phone planner where you can note down your upcoming projects, deadlines, investments and profits. 

  • Skype or Zoom:

Install Skype or Zoom apps to communicate with your clients, because face to face talk is better than emailing options. 

  • PayPal or Gpay:

Have good online transaction apps like PayPal or Gpay for your business transactions. 

  • Website:

Having your own website for your business will have good results.

  • Logo:

Have a logo for your brand, that will have the intended outreach. 

Personal habits:

                    If you want to be professionally stable, working on your personal habits will help. Do some good exercise and meditation for your body and mind. Have good night’s sleep because it will enrich your productivity.  Eat healthy, socialise with others, do some grooming, spend quality time with family and friends. If you are not going to take care of your personal hygiene and life, you can go nowhere in your career.

                   If you are going to follow these habits, I am sure you will become a girl boss. Even though it may look hard for you in the starting, you can learn with some patience. Don’t be hard on yourself, treat yourself good.  Always know where you started, that will keep you grounded. Hope this post served its purpose. Leave your feedback in the comments section. 

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