Handbag essentials for every woman

                      Hi guys! Handbag Is indispensable for every women irrespective of their age. Whether you’re going to take a trip or go out shopping, handbag is something you carry without fail. And every woman has their own personal essential list and it varies according to their lifestyle, purpose and their personality. Even your handbags size and style differ according to the place you carry it. Even woman own more than single handbag alloted for different occasions. Now I am going to give you an overall list of handbag essentials for women. And here we go…. 


           Ofcourse that is the key product and nobody is going to step out of their houses without it. It also would contain credit, debit and identity cards in it. 


           That’s a basic necessity for sure and in future it would replace the place of wallet. 

Lip balm:

           It comes very much handy in winter when your lips get parched. So it is always healthy to carry a lip balm with you. 

Compact perfume:

             During summer it is inevitable, but you could also use it in various seasons. Whatever soap you may use, a day outside will invariably make you sweaty and smelly. So it is very important to carry a perfume with you. 


              Sometimes we feel so bored while traveling or holed up in someplace. At such situations we may feel like watching a video or listening to music without disturbing others and that’s where earphone comes handy. Try to keep it in a separate box or pouch so that it has long life. 

Safety pin, Bobby pins, clutch clip, rubber bands:

               Even if a cloth gets torn you would need a safety pin. Other clips and bands would come handy if you change your hairstyle. 

Water bottle:

                 You could carry bottles according to bag sizes. In summer make it a priority in your list. You can’t go thirsty for so long. You could refill it wherever possible.

Stationary item :

                   Pen would come handy when filling out forms or told to write some official letter. A small scissor, mini notebook and fevicol could be kept handy. 


             Though we may be aware of our periods still if we suffer from irregular periods it is better having some pads stored separately and neatly.

Mini umbrella :

                It’s a must need as it safeguards from sun and rain. 

Knife or pepper spray:

               There is no safety for women when they step outside of their houses. So keeping something like knife or pepper spray may help when anybody tries to confront you. I think learning martial arts is more useful.

Medical items:

  • Moov
  • Vicks 
  • Pain killers
  • Bandages

Laptop and charger:

              For official works it’s much needed. Phone or laptop charger, carrying it along will save your day. You could also carry portable USB chargers. 

Hand sanitizer:

                 It is much needed in this corona period. But it’s healthy carrying it always. 

Tide to go stick:

                You are going for an important meeting  and you get your clothes accidentally stained. Tide to go stick will save the day.

Make up products:

                      Hair comb, compact powder, face wash, moisturizer or any beauty product that would come handy for a light touch up is best. Pollution is so high these days and you cant go without a little clean up and make up.


  • House or vehicle keys
  • Tissue papers
  • Mouth fresheners
  • Snacks
  • Coolers or spectacles

           I have covered most of what I thought is essential, I would be glad to know your opinions. If I had missed anything in the list, please share your opinions in the comments section….

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