How to battle depression?


Corona has had devastating impact on human beings. Not only has it succumbed numerous lives but also pushed people at the verge of loneliness, financial crisis and depression.

            ​In this time of social distancing, it is much advisable to look at life in positive light. Even though we are deprived of the enthusiasm of travel, socializing and functions. We can still be connected with our friends on social media. We can use this time to get closer with our family members.

             ​It would be frustrating for people to follow same boring routine. But try to indulge in your favorite hobbies. Try gardening, drawing, try a hand on poetry or novel, do some craft work. We are just ignorant of how little we know. There are loads of things we could learn. You could learn chess, silambam(on your house terrace), Zumba dance or karate. You can find many YouTube videos to guide you. You can even learn online courses from coursera,, udemy etc.(free and paid courses are available).

​            Read a book or listen to an audio book to increase your knowledge. You could also watch some inspiring movie like “The pursuit of happiness”.(I will try to recommend you some good books and movies in my upcoming posts.)

​                Eat healthy foods and try to adopt to some traditional lifestyle as you could improve your immune system which will help you to battle corona virus. Do some grooming at home. Try to give yourself a new look and always keep yourself presentable that would help you to be motivated.

​                 Always seek help if you are feeling alone or stressed. Share your burden with your friends and family, they are there to help you out. If you are not comfortable sharing out atleast write your feelings in a diary or journal, which will help you to get your burden off your chest. Stop bottling up your emotions and fall in unhealthy habits.

                 ​If you see your friends or family members having sudden temper tantrums, withdrawal symptoms, please try to help them. Try to be sympathatic and encouraging. Don’t blame them or avoid them, try to understand their situation. The kind of problem they could be having could feel silly to you, but you never know the impact unless you are put on that situation. So stop being critical and give them a helping hand. It could even save a life, if they are into suicidal thoughts. If you feel you can’t handle the situation, get them some medical help.

​                   We panic when we are afflicted with fever but depression is much more dangerous than we think, fever could vanish in a day or two but depression could be fatal sometimes.

​         Hope this post gave you some useful msg…

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