How to create a blog for passive income?

Hi guys, so you have decided to create a blog but feeling uncertain how to create one. Before creating a blog let us understand what a blog is and key factors in creating it. But before dwelling on it I want to ask you some questions? What motivated you to launch a blog. What is your main reason to become a blogger. Is it a professional choice or passionate choice. Is it for commercial purpose or experimental purpose. Is money your goal or becoming a solopreneur. Have you decided on your niche and planned to add Adsense or affiliate marketing. Have you gone through many websites and YouTube in search of getting intense knowledge on these subjects, don’t worry I will cover every base on creating and running a blog. I just asked these questions to make you reflect on your goals and purpose. So whatever the objective you have in mind to create a blog there are quite a list of checklist we have to keep in mind. Now without further relapse let’s jump into it. What is a blog? First of

What is a blog?

First of all let us be clear on what blog is. A blog (short for weblog) is a personal online journal that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption. Blogs are defined by their format: a series of entries posted to a single page in reverse-chronological order.

Key factors to note before creating a blog:

Niche selection
Selecting the right platform
Theme and layout
Blog Content
Social media strategies
Email marketing strategies
Adsense or affiliate marketing
Niche selection :

It is very important to decide on your niche before starting your blog. Niche is the main topic your blog is going to represent. For eg: If your niche is travel, your blog post is going to revolve around travel topics. So decide on a niche you are familiar with. If you are good at cooking or if you are a foodie, you can start a blog on food niche. Interest your audience with your innovative recipes or you can also give reviews on best restaurants.

Selecting the right platform:

So what is a blogging platform. It is where we are going to build our website. There are variety of platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Godaddy, Wix, Squarespace etc. But WordPress is the top platform because most of the commercial based blogs are set up on it. It’s because of its wide variety of choice and easy user interface. Blogger is also a important platform, actually it is the oldest platform and now it is undertaken by Google. Blogger is a free platform and you don’t have to pay for hosting or domain. Everything is obsolutely free. If you want to start your blog on zero investment then blogger is the right platform for you.


So what is hosting, web hosting refers to the company that rent their computer or servers to store your website and provide internet connectivity, so that other users can access to the file on your website. There are many hosting companies like Bluehost, Dreamhost, Hostinger, Siteground, HostGator etc to choose from. Before that you must know that you don’t have to worry about hosting if you create your blog on Blogger because it is absolutely free. But if you start on any other platforms you must surely choose a paid hosting from above mentioned companies and link it to your platform. Bluehost and Siteground are famous hosting companies.


A Domain name is your website name. It is a address where internet users can access your website. Now you know why you need a Domain name. Your Domain name should reflect your niche, then only it is easy for users to know your blog purpose. Domain name should be something like .com, .in, .org, .net etc. If you must own your blog, you must definitely buy a Domain. Though Blogger provides free Domain, you are not it’s sole owner. If you want to add a logo or become owner of the blog buy a Domain. Don’t buy it on blogger but buy it outside. Mostly you can buy Domains from hosting companies or you would get it free along with the hosting.

Theme and layout:

So next procedure is creating your blog. For that you must decide on a theme which is going to make your blog attractive to your blog viewers. Don’t decide on free Blogger themes because it is so old fashioned and you won’t get traffic to your site. Buy or get free themes from Themes are quite professional and attractive. You will be provided with the instructions on the setting process there itself. After uploading the theme, use layout options to set your blog by adding logos, social media widgets, about me page and other important pages. If you are a WordPress user you will get many free beautiful themes. WordPress themes are best and easy to set. That’s why it is top blogging platform. Now your blog is fully created. Now you can start posting your blog post.

Blog content:

So you can start writing your blog posts. Write catchy headings, for that do keyword research. Then write your posts with minimum 1000 words length. Write in a personal style so that you could connect with the audience. Don’t copy others writing style, write in your own style. Don’t copy and paste it from web, let it be plagiarism free. If Google finds about any spams, your blog will be penalized. Research before writing the content, format your post with good fonts and images. Use royalty free images from web. Proofread before posting. After publishing your posts share it on social media platforms.

Search Engine Optimization:

SEO is very important to rank in first page of google. When you monitize your blog google crawlers can easily find your blog in this wide variety of blogs and websites. When you get listed in top page of Google and get traffic from Google itself then it is called organic traffic.

Use keyword search:

Keyword is important for SEO. You search for headings most searched by audience and it’s competition levels and your probability of reaching number 1. There are many keyword research sites, free and paid, I will tell you to get free plans because you will get enough ideas from free version itself. You can use Google trends.

Interlinking of posts:

Once you start publishing number of posts, link one post with another same category post using interlinking. For eg: you wrote a post on books and you already wrote a post about healthy lifestyle in which you have written about benefits of books. In any of the post add a link to other post so when anyone clicks the link will able to read other post also.

External linking:

You should link your blog post to some other famous website. For eg: When you start answering questions on quora and leave your link in your answers the viewers will land on your site. This is external linking. You can also do guest posting and link your blog to their site to bring traffic to your site. SEO is like a ocean and there are so many factors in it. As a beginner I think this is enough for you.

Social media strategies:

In order to bring traffic to your site, social media plays important role. As a beginner blogger you won’t get any organic traffic. So you must start sharing your content on Facebook groups, Pinterest groups, Twitter and Instagram. It will fetch you enough traffic for starters.

Facebook groups:

Facebook group is one way to acquire daily traffic. When you start joining bloggers group, you can start promoting your blog posts daily.


Pinterest is a search engine like Google, and mostly it is used by bloggers. If you pin consistently, use right kind of pins for your posts, your blog traffic will skyrocket easily. You can also join Pinterest groups and explode your traffic.

Email marketing strategies:

You should also get some subscribers to whom you can send emails and make them your regular viewers. For that add mailchimp, mailerlite or convertkit email campaign which will help you to land many subscribers. Mailchimp is very complicated to use. Mailerlite is easy and cost efficient. Convertkit is costly. For most of these campaigns up-to 500 or 1000 subscribers you can use it for free. After that you will be charged. Study the rules before you apply. Create a freebie like e-book, online course, checklists and give it in exchange for email address. Once you get their email ID, you can send them regular blog updates.

Adsense and affiliate marketing:

So to earn through blog you should get selected in Adsense program. You will get good earnings through Adsense program. You can add advertisements on your blog and when someone purchases through your blog you earn. Then you can also use affiliate links in your blog and earn. Affiliate marketing is when you apply to particular affiliate program companies and get links of their products and make posts for their products and sponsor it you can earn commission when someone purchases through your site. For eg: if you join in amazon affiliate program and you sponsor it’s product on your blog if anyone clicks through or makes any purchase you will get 10‰ commission. Some affiliate programs may even give 50 to 70% commission. Recurring commission are good affiliate program to choose because once they purchase any product once, you will get commission for it’s monthly renewal. For example: If someone subscribes for Amazon Prime, you will get commission on monthly basis until they terminate the subscription.

Influencer marketing:

You may also get chances for writing promotional posts for leading companies. It’s called influencer marketing.

Digital products:

You can use multiple streams of income through blogging. You can start selling digital products like E-books, online courses, journal, planner, graphic templates etc through your blog.

It might seem very simple but to be blogger, you need immense patience and consistency. Content is king, so you need to create content that is reflective, Perfectly tailored and not over stuffed information. Atleast 2 content per week is going to help in consistent traffic. Maintain a content calender, plan beforehand what you are going to post that week. Because Blogging may seem simple but the truth is so much things go behind the scenes. You must create pinterest pin, get hold of write images from royalty free sites like pixabay, shutterstock, upsplash etc. If needed create infographic. So if you have decided to start blogging plan beforehand.

Comment below your thoughts on it.

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