Natural remedies for flawless skin

                Everyone loves flawless skin. We feel confident when we are presentable. We feel dejected when we have pimples, dark spots, dark circles, and uneven tone. We use concealer, foundation and talcum powder to cover these blemishes.Though these things come in handy when we go out or during ceremonies, still when we are in home without makeup we could get embarrassed.
               So I am going to give you some natural remedies to save you from the humiliation. Unlike using makeup to conceal these flaws, let us use techniques to get rid of these flaws and prevent it altogether.
               Your body is your asset, keep it healthy inside and out. Not only should we keep it fit and energetic but we also have responsibility to keep skin problems at bay.
               Actually I will give you remedies which I have experimented myself, as I too have experienced these problems one time or other. I just don’t want to give you some search based results but a real solution to your problem.

Aloe vera gel:

                   Though I have already talked about its medicinal values in my post life saver herbal plants, I felt it important to write about its use in skin care.  I have tried many natural remedies like turmeric, sandalwood powder, multhani mitti, tomatoes and other stuffs from my kitchen but nothing worked wonders like aloe vera and lemon. Aloe vera removes tan and hyper- pigmentation without any side effects. Apply aloe vera gel during night and wash it off with cloth or sponge immersed in warm water next day. I recommend people having ailments like tonsils and sinus not to use aloe vera during winter as it is a cooling agent. Due to its healing properties, not only is it used to get rid of pimples but also the scar. It can also be applied on cuts, wounds and burns for better results. Use moisturizer as aloe vera can leave your skin dry.


         Another nature’s gift similar to aloe gel is lemon. It too removes the tan and hyper pigmentation thoroughly. But don’t use it on wound or boils, the citric acid will give you burning sensation. Apply the lemon essence to face, neck, leg and hands and leave it for half to one hour and dip cotton in warm water and clean it. As it is a cooling agent, don’t use it during winter. After you have washed it thoroughly use some moisturizer as it could leave your face dry.


       Milk can be used as scrub to remove impurities from body. Apply milk all over face and neck, including eye area and start making circular movements with fingers and the dirt will start coming off. Also apply circular movement around eyes and the dark circles will decrease at good rate. But you must keep in mind that you must have proper sleep to escape dark circles. If you are going to use a remedy and don’t follow rules it won’t work out. As it a cooling agent ,use it minimum during cold weather. Use face wash after scrubbing as the skin will become oily. 

        Though I have tried many ingredients, for me these 3 natural remedies worked. I don’t want to give you so many ingredients without proof to fool you out. Though you might have felt disappointed by my minimal remedies, these 3 remedies are best and using one of these remedies will undoubtedly give you clear skin. If any of you have experimented any other natural products and have seen good results, I am very much interested in hearing your feedback..

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