Overcoming Procastination due to the fear of failure

Procrastination due to the fear of failure can hold you back from accomplishing many things. From small tasks to big dreams, don’t let the lack of self-confidence stop you anymore. Learn how to work on procrastination with this tip to build self -confidence.

How to fight fear of failure? We often use the word procrastinator or lazy to explain why we haven’t completed a certain task yet. It is just an attribute that we have been putting off since not having any motivation. Sometimes we are using excuses for the real reason : we lack confidence.

If you have found yourself procrastinating too much and wonder how you can be more productive, giving yourself a boost of confidence might be the answer.

How Confidence Affects Your Work?

For me, cooking delicious food is a perfect example to explain how confidence affects our work. Many times people of my age hate cooking and instead they love to order online ; they think it’s complicated and they believe they aren’t good at it .
I love to cook for myself and in this time I have built up the skills necessary to become confident at cooking. I don’t have a lot of doubts when it comes to cooking or trying new recipes, because I have successfully made a variety of different dishes in the past. Even if something goes wrong I’m not worried. I know it will be edible at least and if not I will just try to fix my mistake and try again. 

But for other people who have convinced themselves that they cannot cook, they already have their perceived failure in mind before even cracking an egg ! 

They will second guess themselves at every turn and wonder if they should just quit in the middle of the recipe because “it’s not going to come out good anyways “.

They know they dont have the skills necessary to cook it perfectly and they would rather cut their losses than have their efforts result in failure.

Imagine how differently the situation could go if they remained positive. They would know that a failure in cooking doesn’t make them a failure as a person. They would also know that any mistakes are learning opportunities to help build up the skill necessary to avoid those mistakes.

The key is that they were confident enough in themselves to fail.

Work with success in mind and don’t be afraid to fail.

People who lack confidence may see failure as an inevitable, worse case scenario. Fear of failing can keep them from trying new things, or improving skills that they already have. 
The reality is that you can’t improve in something, and you can’t build confidence, unless you are willing to be terrible at it. It took me many failures as a good chef to get where I am now. These failures are necessary as a necessary confidence building step .
That is why thinking positively is such an important step. By thinking positively about the outcome you can simulate feeling confident in your skills.

If you imagine your future success in your mind and visualize it clearly as the end result, your confidence and work ethic will change. You will begin to be excited to get work again instead of dreading it and feeling guilty for putting it off for so long.

 What you can do to be more Self Confident 

Remind yourself that failing at your task doesn’t make you a failure as a person . You are still a great person even if you happen to be bad at a few things.

If you can’t learn from your failures and mistakes, you will never grow. No one likes to experience failure, but being afraid of it is a sure way to remain stagnant. You can gain more from your failure and mistakes by seeing them as a learning experience rather than a disaster.

The fact is, mistakes aren’t the end of everything. Some mistakes are worse than others, but the world will keep turning regardless. Keep an accurate perspective of your mistake. Don’t let them become the worst thing that has ever happened to you, just by virtue of you feeling awful about it.

If you keep making a catastrophe out of every mistake , you will be so afraid to make them that you never try anything new.

If you are trying to pick up new skill , don’t focus on how you are doing in the short term. Look at your overall growth , to stay with cooking example ; after few dishes you might still not like the way they taste , but at least they are no longer the dry , over-cook mess you made the first time.

By tracking your progress and looking toward your future success, you can keep yourself from getting stuck on each  individual failure. You will be more confident moving forward , because you will know you are getting better and better, and that one day you will master it.

Successful people have an important Quality : Perseverance . If you are feeling like a failure from the outset , how can you expect yourself to succeed ?  To keep at something , you need to believe that you can achieve your goal.

How to work on procrastination by allowing yourself to be confident ? 
It is difficult to remain positive or maybe you view failure and mistakes with an unhealthy amount of negativity . Whatever the case , the solution is the same . Build up your confidence . Give yourself the credit that you have already succeeded at , and the growth you have made . Change your perspective on failure and mistakes so that you can learn from them rather than dread them .

By changing your mindset , you can increase your productivity . you won’t procrastinate or avoid your work because you feel confident in yourself and your ability to succeed.

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