Paperback Vs e-book

Bookshelves aligned with different authors namely Paulo Coelho, Sydney Sheldon, Chetan Bhagat attract my eyes. I inhale the fragrance of the book and think of the magical world it takes me to. One never feels alone with a book. With the advent of digital world, reading habits are fairly decreasing. I think of the E-books I read but do I connect with these books like the paperbacks I used to read, is a heavy question hanging in front of me. I feel nostalgic thinking about the nights I kept awake because the novel had been so grasping that I couldn’t put it down or when I used to read voraciously because it’s the only thing that could save me from some pain. So books had been a great companion to me and in today’s post I would like to share my views on merits and demerits of paperback Vs e-book and what I prefer.

Paperback: Everytime I visit a library, my enthusiasm knows no bounds. I feel so transfixed gazing at rows of books in different genres, language and authors aligning the library. The touch of the book and it’s fragrance gives me a connected feeling. Now let me leap into it’s merits and demerits.

Merits of reading a paperback:

  • There is a connection while reading a book in paperback format.
  • Our vision will not get spoiled easily.
  • We can own a mini library in our house.
  • We can even resell to second hand bookstores.
  • The book cover looks catchy and the editing is flawless.
  • Mostly very legitimate works are getting published.

Demerits of reading a paperback:

  • It is costly compared to e-books.
  • We can’t read it in dark.
  • Sometimes it could occupy so much space. And when we declutter our house, we may be forced to sell it.
  • Some publishing companies do a very poor job that, when you start reading a book, pages of the book starts coming out. The binding seems so lousy that we may not get good reading experience.
  • We may loss a couple of books if we are not quite sure of our collection.


Nowadays I read books in my mobile or laptop. I can choose from variety of books available across the internet in PDF or epub format according to my wish. Many websites also give us free e-books to read. I can even listen to audio books from different audio book apps or even YouTube.

Merits of an E-book:

  • E-books can be accessed anywhere, until we have an internet connection.
  • There are variety of books available in different genres, language and authors to choose from digital library.
  • The advent of e-books have enabled blooming authors to self publish their works. The fear of their work being rejected is far less comparatively.
  • E-books are cost efficient than paperbacks.
  • It has also enabled usage of audiobooks which helps busy people listen to books on the run.
  • We can even read it in darkness.
Demerits of an E-book:
  • Our eyesight could get easily damaged if we read books on mobile or laptop.
  • Some e-books may be edited and formatted so badly that we may really loss the interest to read.                                                               On the whole my personal favorite is paperback. Anyways paperback or e-book, reading habit shouldn’t decrease. Reading habit enhances knowledge and vocabulary. Books make you very imaginative and smarter. Reading on the whole from newspapers to blog contents, everything will enrich you with immense knowledge. So my personal request is that, inculcate in your children’s the seed of reading which will enable them to be super brainy.

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