Setting up my online business!

With my newborn’s arrival plus setting up my online venture, the year has begun with a busy schedule. So working on your dream is always exhilarating and tiring. But I loved the challenge and I loved my stance to remain in the game with all the hurdles that set forth before me.

So today I am going to share with you the process of setting up my online content creation agency and the setbacks and challenges I faced during that time.


For a long time, I wanted to run a business of my own. But I never decided on my perfect niche. Blogging was cool but I couldn’t be content with it. That’s when I decided to launch my own content creation agency named The Info Epitome. I used to discuss these ideas with my family, but I never dared to put them into action. That’s when I came across Roota Mittal’s (Marketing Accelerator Academy’s founder) free webinar. It was a life-changer for me. Just her one-hour webinar changed my perspective, if I could have enrolled in her course I know I would have gotten the best results. But her course is costly and I must wait to invest in it. Until then I am by myself.

Setting up the right mindset:

Your mindset determines how you will handle the situation. Though everyone is highly skilled, only a few taste success. This is because most of the time people react to unwanted remarks thrown in their way. And there are very few people who tend to encourage. And the only way we can move forward is by turning a deaf ear to everyone. So that’s my story too. I too had to escape the doubts people exhibited. Even now many are uncertain if I will make it. But I believe in myself.

Selecting the perfect niche:

I always loved writing and that’s what motivated me to start a blog. For my blog, I used to create content consistently but with my newborn’s arrival, it is hard to manage my blog. That’s when I realized that most people need content in one form or another as they are busy. So I decided to launch my content creation agency. Later I added graphic designing and marketing to it.

Setting my website:

As it is an online venture, I worked on my website as it serves like a real-time company. I wrote my own website copy and designed my website using Elementor. I also designed my logo with the help of my cousin. Packaging prices was quite challenging and fun at the same time. Then I set up a discovery call using Calendly. I created a questionnaire using Dubsado for client acquisition.

Building my remote team:

I needed a remote team for my agency. I interviewed potential candidates and after strenuous screaning process hired my team. I got expert candidates from Professional platform called LinkedIn, I also handpicked some really talented people from Hustlepost Academy community. Then I sent them an offer letter followed by signing of contracts.

Looking for clients:

Now I have launched my The info epitome: content creation agency. I am in the process of looking for my clients. It might seem everything is set up, one could breathe. But the real challenge starts here. It is a real challenge to land clients. From the Client onboarding process to the payment procedure everything needs so much organization and effort. The process is challenging but I am quite excited about building my own business and the kind of exposure I will get by it.

Marketing my business:

For a business, marketing is inevitable. People should know that we have service that could help them, make their life much easier. For that, we need to market our service on all social media channels out there. It’s consuming most of my time, but I don’t have a choice until my business reaches some heights, I must wait to hire people for managing my marketing and other stuff.

Choosing a mentorship:

It is not an easy joke to start a business without having an MBA degree or having any business background. As I already mentioned, I don’t have people who are willing to help or guide me, so I thought it would be better to enroll in a course that would help me to handle my business. And I also needed like-minded people who would help me in attaining my dreams. After contemplating for some time, I have enrolled to Saloni Srivatsa’s Hustlepost Academy, where I get assess to the foundation course that covers how to start and run a business as well there are extra courses on different topics like, how to become a highly paid content writer, how to set up your e-commerce store, etc. Also not to forget about the monthly webinars, coffee chats, etc. I am quite excited to have Saloni as my mentor because she was my inspiration from the start. Her youtube videos always motivated me to become my boss and they eradicated my self-doubts and helped me to chase my dreams fearlessly. But I am looking forward to enroll to Marketing Accelerator Academy, because Roota Mittal is my real reason behind starting this agency.


Only a few people can attain their dreams, not because they didn’t put enough effort, because there was nobody to believe them or help them. To achieve our dreams, we need enough patience and will to continue despite the hardships and discouragements. I am doing everything single-handedly and that too multitasking everything, that’s why at the end of the day I feel like I am going nowhere. Now I have got a VA, who is willing to help me manage my business. Quite happy that God has heard my prayers and sent me help.

So what is our agency all about?

The info epitome:content creation agency is established to give people a proper all-in-one package that would help them in building their brand. We create written and visual content for our audience. We have expert copywriters to create thoroughly engaging Website Service or Product page copy and run email marketing campaigns to get you quality leads. We also have passionate content writers who write blog articles, technical writing, creative writing, scriptwriting, online course creation, and ebook creation. Our creative graphic designers make sure to make visually pleasing designs that add effect to the content. Our social media marketer makes sure to build brand awareness and level up sales. So our team members are highly skilled in their respective niche.

Why you should work with us?

Our team comprise of experienced and fresh candidates who are eager to invent and create. Nowadays, the Internet is flooding with so much content but everything seems the same, so dull to read even two sentences at a go. Our main aim is to provide creative content that will have the right outreach. For every singular project, we make sure to strategize and plan every minute detail so that it will fit into the whole business concept. Let me give you an example if a person needs a logo designing, instead of just focusing on the project as a single one, think of it as a brand identity and work out a design that would thoroughly convey the company’s purpose. It’s important to use brand coloring in it, the logo should have something out of the box idea to it so that it could market itself. We make sure to perfect things until the customer is satisfied. So work with us to get the best service you have ever experienced before. If you want to get to know about our agency and it’s service check here or click The info epitome option from the menu bar. If you are interested in our service, don’t forget to contact me through email or phone.

Let me keep you guys updated on my online venture now and then, along with my regular blog content.

My content info:
If you want to ask any questions relating to my business, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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