Sexual abuse

               Sexual abuse is prevailing in all parts of the world. Not only girl children are abused, even boys are abused but it is not coming out. The greatest shame is children ranging from 8-12 years are more prone to sexual abuse. They are not aware of what they are subjected to. Their innocence is spoiled by their relatively close relatives, neighbours or people who have access to them. They don’t voice out their conditions because they are afraid of what others would think. It is parents responsibility to educate them about good and bad touch. Spend time with them, Talk to them about their day and handle them like friends so that they will open up to you. Teach boys to respect women, tell them to safeguard girls if they are in trouble. Advice girl children to wear proper clothes. Their reputation and life is important than argument about feminism rights. Don’t give phone or network access to children, even if they use it for projects or study purpose, check out their activities. Monitoring of their academic progress is important, if their progress slows down or if they look withdrawn talk to them about the reasons. Even if you are working parents, spend some quality time with your children, as money is not the only asset you are going to give your children but moral support is necessary for growing children. Don’t allow your children to go out during nighttime, accompany them if it is important. We have seen so much cases like Asifa and Nirbaya. Even if your child has not attained puberty , don’t send her to secluded places or with person you don’t trust. I respect men but some men are more dangerous than monsters. Teenagers must be properly watched. Check out their social media friends and posts. Advice them never to befriend strangers in social media. Pollachi case has proven the horrors of Facebook fraud. Don’t send unwanted photos in WhatsApp or other social media as it can lead you to trouble. In this generation everyone confuse infatuation with love and many fall prey to boys who use them to fulfill their lust. If you feel your daughter is in relationship with a wrong person boldly interogorate them and take the problem to the boys house. If his love is false he will try to escape the situation which will make your daughter to realize the reality. Take the chance and safeguard your children. Teach your daughter and son about mannerism and respect. Advice them to spend time for their passion and dreams. Make your children to watch movies that inspires and gives knowledge. The kind of movie they watch impacts their personality. Today’s media portrays men to be aggressive, drunkard and reckless while women are shown as disobedient, attention seeking and disrespectful, that’s why they are getting the wrong message. Teach them self defence and moral values. Let us keep our children safe and secured.

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