Why is gratitude important?


                With corona succumbing lakhs of life and everyone holed up in quarantine, it would be inapropriate of me to write on Gratitude. But I thought to start on a positive note. Negative energy is all around us instilling in us lack of motivation and fear of tomorrow. First of all, I really mourn for those people who died of corona. Hope corona be eradicated from this world.

                 Now i would want you to practice gratitude, as it would make us selfless and thankful. We should be grateful to God for giving us a blessed life. We should be thankful for our family and friends for their support in our ups and downs. Gratitude makes us selfless and makes us see the positive side to our life.

                  Instead of grumbling over what we don’t have, we must be grateful for what we are given, because there are people who would dream to live our life.
Gratitude not only is applicable to positive things but also to hurdles that came our way, because those bitter experience has molded us to be strong. If we start practicing gratitude, we will stop being over confident, selfish, depressed, nagging and start looking at the world in broader perspective.

                   Start using gratitude journal or diary and pen down your grateful moments everyday and you will start realizing how much happiness and opportunities you came across unconsciously. Talk a word of kindness and show a gesture of love to people you come across in life. Start thanking for small things they do to you. Give compliments and appreciate them. Try to help family and friends by standing besides them in hard times.

                       Instead of preoccupied with gadgets, look around the abundance of beauty and resources that nature has provided us and protect it. Let us use this quarantine to spend time with family and take care of ourselves. Last but not least, my heartfelt thanks to all my viewers for your support. Take care guys…

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